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Arnold Schwarzenegger, arguably the greatest bodybuilder that ever lived. Arnold was at the forefront of bringing bodybuilding out of the backstreet sawdust, gym dens, and into mainstream media.

After conquering competitive bodybuilding, Arnold went on to become Hollywood’s highest-paid action hero. Not bad for the son of an Austrian police officer.

Over the years, Arnold has blessed the world with some golden quotes and words of wisdom about life in and out of the gym. We hope you enjoy what “The Oak” has to say.

#1. Create a vision

Create a vision of who you want to be, and then live into that picture as if it were already true.

#2. Be the best

Always have one possibility in mind and that is to go to the top, to be the best. Everything else should just be a means to that end.

#3. You must believe it

You must see it. You must believe it. And then you must never stop working to make it happen.

#4. Everybody pities the weak

You have to remember something: Everybody pities the weak; jealousy you have to earn.

#5. You cannot get tired

You cannot get tired if you’re interested in what you do. That’s the key thing.

#6. No excuses

You can have results or excuses. Not both.

#7. Have a powerful vision

When your vision is powerful enough, everything else falls into place: how you live your life, your workouts, what friends you choose to hang out with, how you eat, what you do for fun.

#8. Why be like everyone else

What is the point of being on this Earth if you are going to be like everyone else.

#9. Trust yourself

Trust yourself,..dig deep down and ask yourself who you want to be? Not what, but who?

#10. Break some rules

Trust yourself, Break some rules, Don’t be afraid to fail, Ignore the naysayers, Work like hell, and Give something back.

#11. Training gives an outlet

Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body.

#12. There are no shortcuts

There are no shortcuts—everything is reps, reps, reps.

#13. Don’t be the same as everybody else

The worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else. I hate that.

#14. The hungry wolf

The wolf on the hill is not as hungry as the wolf climbing the hill.

#15. The secret is a three-part formula

The secret is contained in a three-part formula I learned in the gym: self-confidence, a positive mental attitude, and honest hard work.

#16. Fight the resistance

The resistance that you fight physically in the gym and the resistance that you fight in life can only build a strong character.

#17. The mind is the limit

The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as yo

The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent.

#18. The mind always fails first

The mind always fails first, not the body. The secret is to make your mind work for you, not against you.

#19. The last 3 or 4 reps make the muscle grow

The last three or four reps is what makes the muscle grow. This area of pain divides the champion from someone else who is not a champion. That’s what most people lack.

#20. Strength comes from your struggles

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.

#21. Positive thinking is contagious

Positive thinking can be contagious. Being surrounded by winners helps you develop into a winner.

#22. Pain is pleasure

Pain makes me grow. Growing is what I want. Therefore, for me, pain is a pleasure.

#23. More to life than being normal

Normal people can be happy with a regular life, but there is more to life than just plodding through an average existence.

#24. Milk is for babies

Milk is for babies. When you grow up you have to drink beer.

#25. Never follow the crowd

Never follow the crowd. Go where it’s empty.

#26. Failure is necessary

Just like in bodybuilding, failure is also a necessary experience for growth in our own lives, for if we’re never tested to our limits, how will we know how strong we really are? How will we ever grow?

#27. Squat till you pass out

I do squats until I fall over and pass out. So what? It’s not going to kill me. I wake up five minutes later and I’m OK.

#28. Stay hungry

I believe in the philosophy of staying hungry. If you have a dream and it becomes a reality, don’t stay satisfied too long. Make up a new dream and hunt after that one and turn it into a reality.

#29. Move ahead, achieve, conquer

For me life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer.

#30. Strength comes from the struggle

Confidence comes from victory, but strength comes from the struggle.

Confidence comes from victory, but strength comes from the struggle.

Ronnie Coleman – Greatest Quo …

Ronnie Coleman was one of the biggest and strongest bodybuilders of all time. Winner of Mr. Olympia for a record eights time straight. Ronnie also has an impressive list of prestigious professional competition wins.

Ronnie is an advocate of lifting heavy, really heavy, and has some pretty impressive PR’s which include an 800lb deadlift.

However, all the years of lifting heavy took their toll on Ronnie’s frame with numerous surgeries from 2007 onwards.

I think it’s fair to say that Ronnie Coleman has truly earned his place as one of the greatest bodybuilder’s of all time.

We hop you enoj our collection of quotes from ‘Big Nasty’.

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